Tuesday, March 11, 2008


last chance power jam
Barack spins 4 tomorrow
viva skate, not hate

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Mick Jammer said...

Born To Bout - The Ballad Of Hell's Belles

In the day they sweat it out on the track of a runaway Cicero dream
At night they ride through Shockas of Goldie in their derby-queen machines
Sprung like skaters out on Highway Ike
Eight wheels, beer-injected and I think that ref's named Mike
Belle D. these bouts rip the bones from yer hand
It's a death scam, it's a suicide jam
Ya gotta roll and never doubt,
'Cause tramps like y'all, Hell's Belles were born to bout

< >

The track is packed with broken Belles on a last chance power jam
Saw Jämeson & Varla on the run tonight but BIER says they're on the lam
Together Phannie we'll live with the sadness
Dayglo will still love you with all the madness in her (tights)
Someday Belles I don't know when* you're gonna get to that place
With Ivy King Cup and Windy City Clout,
But till then tramps like y'all, Hell's Belles were born to bout

- - -
*actually I think it's May 31st...