Thursday, May 15, 2008


graffiti bandits,
pundits & prophets do tell
Hell's Belles gonna rock!


Mick Jammer said...

F.G.E. = fave graphic eva!!

lead jammer said...


5.31 bout
rematch HB v. XX
revenge is sweet, YO!

danielle said...

omg...i'm in love...with both of you!

May R Daley said...

Seriously, what Belle said. You guys make us want to bring our best, every time.

For real, our fans are always our 6th player out on that track. Thanks!

lead jammer said...

6th player- - like an official Belle!?! dream come true, YO! ;)

****** MORE 4 U *********************
u chix rock the house
never enuff HB bliss
bring it MAY-3-1!

- LJ

Mick Jammer said...

Belles, Belles, everywhere, I love it! All this emoting makes me want to slip out of haiku-mode and slip on some AM-Gold soft-rock classics. Let's start with a slightly-modified version of Ambrosia's "How Much I Feel," shall we?

That's how much I feel...
(Feel for you Hell's Belles)
How much I need...
(I need your league domination)
How much I live...
(I live for your Ivy King Cup Championship, which I don't have to live without much longer, 'cos it's yours on the 31st....wait, am I still singing here?)

Rock on, Hell's Belles. Here's to you and your Perfect Season!!


May R Daley said...

LJ -- you'll always be a Belle!

MJ -- can never go wrong with the AM gold.