Monday, October 12, 2009


wonderiffic Payne
ask & u shall receive, YO!


lead jammer said...

Congrats 2 the newest member of the Hell's Belles! HYHB!

(and props 2 ms. V for the pic!)

Go.2.Belle said...

hell yeah! congrats.

Mick Jammer said...

I love hearing big news on Derby Haiku! Way to go, Payne -- Rioters' loss is Belles' gain! Congratulations :-D

Tina Flay said...

Now that's how to celebrate a draft in style!

Anonymous said...

a Payne in the rear
gonna show you what she got
proud coach, now teammate


Tammy said...

more whiskey, more vodka, more payne
xo danger

shocka said...

congrats payne! yay new belles!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cristen aka Payne D. Spencer said...

Danger and Shocka
New captains to kick my arse!
Rioter no more!

Spencer said...

Crimson dames Derby names
a little Payne Belles to gain
bag the Ivy game