Monday, February 18, 2008


derby haute couture
Dayglo Dago glams it up
nice hot pants, Hot Stuff!


Varla Vendetta said...

I skate for those spangles!

lead jammer said...


Oh say can you see
da flashy sparkles twinkle
skate. strike a pose. skate

Mick Jammer said...

Somehow the original subject of LJ's haiku has been hijacked if not skatejacked! With all apologies to Ms. Dago -- yipe! Dangerous dependent clause! --, I'm gonna just go with it....

How do I love Varla Vendetta? Let me count the ways. (Hey I'm not done counting...still not...well we're talking mid-3 figures here, ok?) Not sure of my all-time fave, but this is Top Ten for sure: The way she is able, every 3rd or 4th time she falls, at least, to use her formidable coordination, athleticism and strength to *bounce* the heck right back up! Has this move been been trademarked? Has it long been called The Varla™ and only I am in the dark? Does anyone know what I'm talking about......, oh 3 or 4 people who will ever read my blatherings??

Sigh. And with that I shall blather no longer. To all a good night!

-Mick J.

"I only get my rocks off / When I'm sleeping"
Rolling Stones - "Rocks Off"

Varla Vendetta said...

You guys are making me blush!

I am gonna trademark a move one of these days, but it will involve a series of flips, two somersaults and then some kind of whip through someone's legs...It's a work in progress ;)

And might I just say that derby has never been described so splendidly as in these haikus.

lead jammer said...

Varla makes ME blush
WOW! words of praise from skatechick
U rock, Vendetta