Friday, April 25, 2008


Admiral Snackbar
in cahoots with Terra Fye
making scary snacks!


Mick Jammer said...

Swedish fish? Pshaw!
Exploding Vader cookies
Do much more damage


Much like Ms. Gaynor,
At first I was afraid. But
Now...I'm TERRA-FYED!! :-)

[Mick Jammer is spinning the disco classics, even as he types -ed.]

Jason. said...

Kiss my grits - that's rad!
I just spilled tea on myself-
That took me off guard!

Jason. said...

Vader cookies? Yum!
My tastebuds can't repel taste
of that magnitude!

Oh no! It's a snack!
The cookies are way too hot!
Cookie sheet burned me!

Terra Fye hit me
with a rolling pin - classic!
Bump on my head - owch!

Had it coming, though...
Shield generator = not down!
Oven door was closed!

Next time I won't help...
Don't want to burn the cookies!
I'll just help eat them!

Mick Jammer said...

Lead Jammer, we've created a monster....I mean, YOU have created a monster. A monster named....SNACKBAR!! He's got me totally terra-fyed. (As if one could be just partially terra-fyed.)

Jase said...

That is not a snack
That's a space station, cookie
good cantina food

Mick Jammer said...

I said "Wookiie," not "cookie!" :-)

lead jammer said...

lead jammer observes
boyz seem to dig the star wars
girlz wonder: what up?!


Mick Jammer said...

Au contraire, L.J.
Doesn't Val Capone have a
Big ol' Star Wars tat?