Tuesday, September 16, 2008


2 green eggs, no ham
poems, YO! 4 girlz who jam
hot sox, Goldie Shocks!


lead jammer said...

where did that ham go, YO?
vanished. no trace. go ask JASE!

Mick Jammer said...

Jam-I-Am, please tell me true:
What does Saturday hold, for the Windy City Crew?
Queens of The Stadium, winning's all they've done;
Now it's "Bring on the Warriors" -- and they're #1

So Jam-I-Am, what I really want to know:
Would they, could they, stay undefeated in Cicero?
Would they, could they, on Court of Sport?
Would they, could they, with Coach Bud Cort?
Would they, could they, after riding Pink Line train?
Would they, could they, in eleven inches of rain?
Would they, could they, skating with shut eyes?
Would they, could they, skating clockwise?

- - -
Inquisitive young man, please cease your queries;
Windy City reigns supreme--they're no Dolls of Dairies.
I've no crystal ball, cannot predict the bout;
So go and sit your butt down and scream your lungs out!!

...And that's exactly what I'll do
GO WCR GO ! ! !

Varla Vendetta said...

WOW!! Poetic Showdown! I love this! =D


Anonymous said...

I think I'm supposed to be the ham lol. Love this one.

Mick Jammer said...

#16 Goldie "Ham I Am" Shocks! :)