Sunday, September 28, 2008


tattoo jungle, YO!
think U know UR derby dolls?
let the games begin...


Mick Jammer said...

I happened to be standing there when this foto was snapped, so I disqualify myself. That said, I will offer up some super EZ hints:

It is NOT Tall Drinka Slaughter. It is also not T-Bone StakeYa. Okay that should pretty much give it away...

Oh, I should also say: I am *really* glad that I'll never get hit by this derby doll on the track. Or, with luck, off the track. [And no, it's not Megan, altho I really really don't want to take a hit from her, either. Or Val Capone, btw, even though she hits me all the time, that brute! (It's not Val.)] Dang, if I took one good hit from this tattooed dame, all the bones in my body would simultaneously shatter, and I would never be able to type again. And what a PITY that would be!! :-)

Rebecca said...

it's diablo, man.
an arm built for whips and blocks.
inked to perfection!

lead jammer said...

3 cheers 4 Doris
spot a whiptastic wonder
on or off the court!